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Chang-Hua Detention Center – Rules for Applying meeting

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  • Last updated:2019-08-20
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Chang-Hua Detention Center – Rules for Applying  meeting

一、           Applications and Catagories
(一)       General meeting: According to the laws, families of inmates have to obey and send out application in procedure. People allowed for the meeting can bring children under 12 and don’t count in the limits of three. However, families of inmates have to bring identification to prove the relationships among inmates.
(二)       Additional meeting: In addition to the regulation of the laws in meeting, families of inmates are allowed to send application to increase times of meeting in necessity. However, after giving approval for increasing, families will be informed.
Necessary meeting: Applicants have to fill in applications if the situations are reasonable:

  1. There is something happened to inmates’ family or so.
  2. Applicants are disabilities, sickness or inconvenient in moving。
  3. Inmates having communication issue.
  4. Other situations are good for stabling inmates.

(四)       Additional meeting: When inmates’ families have reasons to postpone meeting time, according to the Law of Execution in Prison, they can send out the application. During the meeting, if it is necessary to postpone, it is fine to do it.

二、           How to send the application:
(一)Applying for general meeting is in the Reception room.
(二)Additional meeting and Necessary meeting is at the front door of Administrative Building.
(三)Rules for Necessary meeting:

  1. Applicants have to fill the fellow instructions in the form:
  2. Names
  3. Identification number
  4. Age
  5. Career
  6. Address
  7. Name of inmates
  8. Inmate’s number
  9. Relationship between inmates
  10. Reasons
  1. While filling the form well, applicants should fax to Guard and Control Section.
  2. Applicants have to bring identification and the limits of three.

三、           Schedule for meeting:
(一)                Daily schedule for meeting:
     Session 1 08:35   Session 7  13:50
     Session 2 09:00   Session 14  14:10
     Session 3 09:30   Session 9  14:35
     Session 4 10:00   Session 15  15:00
     Session 5 10:30   Session 11  15:25
     Session 6 11:00   Session 12  16:00
(二)Meeting schedule will be informed on the website on National holiday.

四、           Rules for meeting times:
(一)People under observation may have a meeting once a week, according to Statute of Execution for Rehabilitation Penalty art.2 sec.12.
(二)According to Enforcement Rules of Detention Act art2, sec.72 , defendants may have a meeting for each day when it is weekday.
(三)According to Rules for Custodian Institutions art.16, people under custody may have a meeting in weekday.
(四)According to Statute of Progressive Execution of Penalty art.56:

  1. Leveled 4 inmates may have a meeting once a week during weekday.
  2. Leveled 3 inmates may have a meeting once or twice a week during weekday.
  3. Leveled 2 inmates may have a meeting every three days.
  4. Leveled 1 inmates may have a meeting for each day.

五、           Retrictions for meeting:
(一)Defendants may have a meeting with friends or families while approving.
(二)Juvenile inmates, leveled 4 inmates or unleveled should have a meeting with their next of kin; if it is necessary, they may have a meeting with others.
Kin means inmate’s wife, direct blood relative, third degree of collateral relatives and second degree in law.
(三)Inmates who have the situation as fellows have the same rules in meeting:

  1. Defendants who are under final and binding judgment.
  2. Inmates who was sent to the center and waited for judgment.

(四)People under observation should have a meeting with their direct blood relative, including paternal, parents, sons and daughters and grandchildren. But they may have a meeting with others if it is necessary. However, if the meeting hindrances inmates’ benefits, controllers can stop or restrict.
(五)Inmates whom are leveled 3 may have a meeting with friends or relatives.

六、           Applicants who have situations as fellows may refuse the meeting:

  1. Forget to bring the identification.
  2. Applicants behave strange during the meeting.
  3. Alcoholism or mental disorder.
  4. People who haven’t signed can’t replace people who are approved to have the meeting.
  5. Applicants hinder the order during the meeting or inmates’ benefits.

七、            While having a meeting, it is forbidden to exchange position, use Smartphone, gesture or signal except deaf and speech-impaired people or hearing-impaired people. Applicants should obey the rules during the meeting time, or controllers will stop the meeting.

八、Chang-Hua Detention Center’s phone number is 04-8321381, extension is 220.
Guard and Control Section extension is 228.Fax is 04-8390429

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