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Boosted life counseling

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Life counseling provided at the House is based on moral and educational counseling.

A.Moral counseling is administered using the following methods:

1.Individual counseling

Conduct individual rehabilitation based on each detainee’s conduct, personality, family and social background. (One-on-one indoctrination.)

2.Group counseling

Cultivate the social morality of detainees and improve the conducts of detainees.

3.Religious counseling

Based on the religious beliefs of detainees, religious groups and individuals are invited to speak and give sermons to nourish the spiritual minds of detainees. The power of religion is used to stabilize the emotions of detainees.

B.Educational counseling

Defendants and short-term inmates admitted into the House undergo frequent transfers. Aside from Law and Order education, reading and guided self-study are administered. Teachers are staffed to provide juvenile detainees continuous education with courses in sciences, life, and law. Book club discussions provide the inmates an opportunity for inspiration, contemplation and improvement.


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