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Skill training and job supporting

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  • Last updated:2019-08-21
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Skill trainning and job supporting

Skill training and job supporting:


 (1)  To enrich detainee’s job skill and conduct a diligent character, the Center has built three operation fields to work on packing writing utensils and hardware, bending and sticking paper boxes and forming and washing gold foil papers; besides, as to cooperate with local feature, we have opened handmade soap training class to teach detainees a skill.


 (2)  The Center has cooperated to the Taichung & Changhua Area Job Service Center, Job Training Bureau, Council of Labor Affairs, the Executive Yuan to perform the “Help You to Restart-Activities on Helping the Protected Prisoners to Attend Jobs After Get Free” job attending seminar, helping detainees to prepare for attending a job after leaving the Center.


 (3)  Disease Control to conduct routine X-ray examinations and Health Center administers blood tests. If a disease is found, treatment is administered immediately and the patient is enrolled for monitoring.

(4)  Treatment of diseases:
There are eight doctors, including specialists in dentistry, dermatology, family medicine, and psychiatry, and so on. The in House medical team takes turns everyday to treat the detainees.

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